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How can I get rid of some ugly and hard ridges on my thumb finger nail?

I have some really ugly ridges on both my thumb finger nails and they kind of look weird and ugly. On one of them, the ridges are thicker and I tried to buff them away but somehow I got a small whole right in the middle of the nail. When I tried to file the nail I think I filed too much because now it even hurts when I try to do something with it. It also looks kind of dark. Please somebody tell me what this is and how can I make it go away!

Thank YouHow can I get rid of some ugly and hard ridges on my thumb finger nail?
Well the first thing that i am thinking of is having to do with 'perhaps prior injuries to both nails...has this happened at any time in your it has to me and actually misshapened the nails and when they grow back from let's say getting caught in a door ( sorry I realize that this is an ouch sort of thing....however true . The second thing I am thinking about is this...are the ridges of which you speak fairly consistent on each thumbnail? Consistent in thickness of the nails them selves? Have they turned a more yellow or tint is a better word. Yuo say that y uwere filing....I don't quite get what you aer speaking of save that you know yourself better then anyone else does. The colour of which you allude to being darker can indicate that there is a former injury, and if ths is the case then surely you would recall what it was and how long ago this occurred to set it to onset. Another can easily be something that yu have ingested....perhaps a carcinogen of some sort....unlikely but still posible....(This i imagine would be via breathing... in which case check your toes as see if the toes are i any way becoming thicker whih is not unusual in what you have described. Yuo didn't mention your age which could also be a variable too here. And latly I would stop the filing, keep them rimmed...please notice if yo useem to have any change in your feeling(s) of your hands.

Ridges are a common indication in nails that one or many many more 'conditions' could be prevelant. Please do NOT be alarmed as these are dimply for instances and it is al manageable 'that I am aware of' ~ There are certain 'condtions' that cause the misshapenning fo the nails aside from flat out mechanic work....or carpentry. Certain physical 'condittions are the cause of a manifest such as this. In my case it is Fibromyalgia w/ a faint what they call 'pitting' in the nails as thugh they are tiny divets that show to the trained eye in my case a rheumetologist. Crohn's Disease as well...and as for the discolouration, yu really should take all of this upwith yu rDoctor whether a GP or Interest.....The thinkness of the nails again can be sustained via an old injury for one. The colour whiich you speak of is one that i am not familiar with. It doesn't sound like a necrosis but I would go to someone to have a blood panel done to rule out many things. Here againit would be incredibly your Physicians DX(Diagnosis) and not the lay person such as myself ony having read a few books and suffered someof what you have mentioned. Please have the bloodwork done and rule out 'autoimmune' defiencies. I cannot say for surel. Quite generally the body is a great beacn of warning that someting ';Maybe '''and I stressthat word...'Maybe' wrong or temproarily awry.....Please see your Doctor, and though it may not hurt except for the filing that you did, it is paramount that you do not through the filing give your self any kind fungal infection, which is possible...but I do NOT mean to scare you in any way. I am simply drawing ou tthe obvious. This IS somehting that must be tended to and soon..

I wish you the best....Until which time you DO see a physician , pleae take note and see if any other nuances of the slightest change occur.

I wish you the best.


P.S. ';Before'; you attempt to rid yourself of them which in acutality is very easy...remmeber they are an indication of the rest of your health....tell u what...after u have gone to the Doc i will happily tell u a VERY KEEN and nexpensive way to smoothe it all back to the way it once was ok? Please take care of you. There is only one you.
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