Sunday, December 27, 2009

What can I do to treat and prevent nail ridges?

Would moisturizing them daily from now on help? If so, what moisturizer/oil should I use?

I know of buffing but I really don't want to do that, since it thins out the nails.What can I do to treat and prevent nail ridges?
Dear Lewyy,

What kind of nail ridges are you talking about? I am asking because VERTICAL nail ridges are usually a normal and harmless condition of the nail - nevertheless HORIZONTAL nail ridges can be the result of medical problems.

You can read more about nail ridges at The HandResearch Nail Encyclopedia:鈥?/a>

PS. In case you get frustrated by the perfectly normal (?) state of your nails .... have you considered the use of acrylic nails?

Thanks for asking!What can I do to treat and prevent nail ridges?
Ridged nails are a nutrition problem. Take your vitamins and eat right. Try soaking your nails in a solution of warm water and gelatin (unflavoured) to build them up. I also found that taking a calcium supplement helped my nails. Finally, you may want to get checked for a fungal infection (gross, I know, but it does cause ridging.)

If you wear polish all the time, your nails suffer from lack of oxygen. Take your polish of for at least 12 hours out of 72 until the problem is resolved.
No, you really should buff, if your concerned about it going too thin, just dont over do it....
Natural Nail Care Tip.3 鈥?Notes on Nail Problems:

1. Brittle Nails: Brittle nails and flaking of nails are very common due to excessive dryness of the nail plate. The nail plate is made up of dead keratin cells held together by a natural glue of fats and water. Any loss of fats and water causes the cells to separate and results in flaking and brittleness of the nails. Special care should be given to this.A. Many of our domestic chores remove the natural fats from the nails resulting in brittle nails, so do wear gloves.B. Nail polish removers also have a dehydrating effect. If you have brittle nails avoid removing your nail polish too frequently. You can use a colorless polish or a base-coat or a top-coat, because then you can keep touching it up quite happily, without having to use the remover very frequently.C. Regular massage around the nail-base with cream can have a good effect on brittle nails.

2. Hangnails: Hangnails are tears in the skin of the nail folds and the cuticle. The cuticle and the nail folds have a tendency to stick to the nail plate as it grows forward; the stretched cuticle may eventually tear. Sometimes more ---
Make sure you're eating right, take a daily women's supplement, and a calcium supplement, then buy a buffing tool from the beauty supply center, hope this helps!

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