Friday, January 15, 2010

Discolored nails and ridges?

I had a manicure about 3 weeks ago. They used a high-color red and no base coat. It lasted so long without chipping that I left it on for about 12 days. When I removed it, my nails weren't only really discolored but the color really seems to have cut into my nails, so that there are kind of ridges between where the color was and where the new part of the nails have grown. It's like the varnish has actually cut into my nails. There's a clear line like this on each nail and it can't be covered up with new nail varnish. It looks awful and I guess I'll just have to wait about half a year until my nails have all grown right out again. Has anyone ever experienced that?Discolored nails and ridges?鈥?/a>

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yes i have this problem when applying dark or bright nailvarnish without a base coat...... this does helpDiscolored nails and ridges?
Try Using Coconut Oil To Help Your Nails Grow And This Will Also Soften The Nails x
If theres no base coat the colour stains the nails, and it wont take half a year to grow it out your nails.

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