Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My finger nails have ridges in them?

i hear it is from a light state of malnutrition.

any way i can help this?

i take 30 vitammins every day, so i cant be lacking.My finger nails have ridges in them?
Lines and Ridges on the Fingernails

Long lines. As people age, longitudinal lines appear in the nails. They are

considered to be due to age. There are speculations that long, and

corrugated lines on the nails may be due to the bodys poor absorption of

vitamins and minerals, or that these nail lines may signal anemia, an iron


White lines. White lines across the nail bed are common, but sometimes are

indicative of liver or kidney disease.

Ridges. Any inflammation or irritation around the area of the nail matrix

disturbs the growth pattern of the nail body, and a lengthwise furrow is

produced. Cuticle manipulation, such as cutting too much of the cuticle or

pushing it back too vigorously, can cause fingernail ridging.

Lines. Horizontal ridges that cross the nail like wavy furrows,

indicate that something has interrupted the nail growth, such as high fever,

nutritional deficiencies, drug reactions, painful menstruation, childbirth,

or trauma from surgery. The nail matrix stops producing keratin. When the

nail begins to grow again, a groove marks the spot where the nail-forming

cells rested.My finger nails have ridges in them?
mabe you should eat instead of poping pillz lol
im the same way, i have vertical and some horizontal ridges too. and i also take vitamins, i wonder why this happens, i wish i had smooth nails,

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