Friday, January 15, 2010

Nails and Ridges?

If prominant ridges appear on the nails over several months , what does this mean? - is this anything serious to worry about? What can you do to make your nails healthy again and how long does this take?Nails and Ridges?
ridges could be a sign of vitamin deficiency or thyroid problems, on the otherhand could be just that ridges on your fingernails.Nails and Ridges?
Um, no. It's not to worry about. Don't think about the doctor. If it doesn't go good in 3 weeks, you can ask. . . . . it's your calcium. Buy some vitamins and take them.
u cant take care of you self...?
it means your body is not getting the nutrition it needs.

I am not a nutrition expert but I know enough about vitamins to know that nails need vitamins c (found in colourful fruit and raw veetables), vitamin d (I think this is found in eggs and milk and dairy produce but dont quote me on that- look it up on google or askjeeves first) and vitamin e - found in sunshine and vitamin E45 cream.

Ohterwise you could have been doing alot of manual labout lately which involves you lifting heavy things with your hands and putting your hands into very hot then very cold conditions- eg working on a food delivery lorry delivering frozen goods from heavy crates to instore freezers, then stoppong for t, then climbing back into a warm lorry.

This may cause your hands and nails to grow in a new way to add extra protection to your fingers.
need more minerals

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