Friday, January 15, 2010

I am only 30 yet all my finger nails are getting ridges.. what can i do to restore their health back?

why is this happening?I am only 30 yet all my finger nails are getting ridges.. what can i do to restore their health back?
As we age our nail plates begin to change. Small ridges begin to appear on the nail plates surface. It is normal to find narrow ridges running from the free edge to the eponychium (cuticle area), especially in older persons (our grandparents).

These ridges can be lightly buffed to reduce their appearance, but take care not to overthin the nail plate. Ridgefilling base coats can also help create a smoother appearance.

Other normal signs of aging are brittleness and slower growth. These two may be related. As nail growth begins to slow, the nail plate takes longer to reach the free edge, so the plate is exposed to more abuse before the free edge is clipped or filed off.

Also nothing you can eat will make healthy normal nail plates stronger. But poor nutrition can certainly make them weaker. Malnutrition or severe dieting can leave nail plates thin and/or weak or cause depression lines across the width of the natural nail. Poor nutrition may contribute to splitting as well. Poor nutrition can also make nail growth slow down dramatically! The hair and other parts of the body will be similarly affected.

Hope this helps!

-------For all the people who blame calcium deficiency------

Ridges have nothing to do with calcium deficiency, it is a myth.

The calcium content of the nail plate is less than 0.1 percent. Most of the calcium found in nail plates is probably on the surface and comes from hand washing. In short, it is extremely unlikely that calcium is needed to maintain the health of the nail plate. SO eating calcium-rich foods or taking calcium supplements will have no positive effect on the nail plate. Also, applying calcium to the top surface of the nail plate will have no benefit for the nail plateI am only 30 yet all my finger nails are getting ridges.. what can i do to restore their health back?
I use a nail buffer from walmart and bought some seseme oil to go on the nails. I think this is happenening because of low milk intake is what my doc says.
Your fingernails can give an indication of several health issues. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

Once you have ruled out any health issues, drink unflavored gelatin (Knox) to help strenghten them and make them grow.
I think it's either a lack of calcium or, not to scare you, but it could be a sign of anemia- which isn't as troublesome as you might imagine. You should take a calcium supplement ('cause even if it's not the problem with your nails, all women can benefit from extra calcium) and call your doctor to have a blood test done to check all of your levels (CBC/Diff %26amp; Platelet) in reference to having the anemia thing eliminated.
I am no expert, but I do know that a sign of good health is the condition of a person's nails. It you have little white spots under your nail it can indicate you are low on iron, or anemic. (Females especially develop this white spots under the nail during menstruation due to the loss of iron from blood loss).

Drinking plenty of water and taking a multi-vitamin with your highest fat meal of the day will only help. Most, if not all vitamins are fat-soluble, meaning your body will not absorpt the vitamins (in a supplement or snack/meal) unless you have some fat in your stomach at the time of ingestion. Fat guidelines should be followed according your daily nutritional needs. Hope this helps.

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