Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have ridges on nails? why?

it's mostly on my thumb nails.. horizontal ridges. i can see them on some of my other nails though, just not as deep. they are also on my toenails [my big toes, not the other ones]. its so annoying, because i am always picking at it, which i know is not good for it. i haven't had any kind of severe illness and i take vitamins each day. i haven't always had these ridges... i am 15.

please help! what can i do to make them go away!?Have ridges on nails? why?
file them it happens to me when they breakHave ridges on nails? why?
It happens to me.
I think this is an iron deficiency or anemia. When you go to your doctor, ask for a blood test. If you are anemic, you will be prescribed iron. Take natural liquid iron found at health food stores, not the drug store. The drug store liquid iron or iron pills will be very harsh on your system. I use Floradix Iron %26amp; herbs. Nails are growing well now, even long, and my hair is growing again. My nail and hair growth slowed down so gradually, I didn't notice until it was obvious.

Good Luck!

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