Friday, January 15, 2010

What does this mean? Ridges in my nails?

I've noticed lately since I've let my nails grow out that I have ridges (like bumps) horizontally on my nails?

I do smoke and I know I need to quit. Some people say it's a sign of bad health? Is it genetic because my mom %26amp; my grams have the same thing on their thumb nail.

What does it mean exactly?What does this mean? Ridges in my nails?
I have vertical ridges on my nails. I smoke too. The Doctor said it is a common occurence and nothing to worry about. What does this mean? Ridges in my nails?
It could mean anything. Smoking decreases your body's ability to heal itself, and since hair and nails are less vital parts of your body, nutrition is often pulled from them when other more important parts need it. Also, it may indicate a lack of certain vitamins. Try taking a fish oil supplement, or a hair/skin/nails supplement. After two weeks taking these I noticed my nails were more even, and stronger. GL!

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