Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ridges on my nails..?

I have ridges on my nails, deepish, as in i can feel the bumps. They run long ways from my cuticles to the tips of my nails. Any ideas on what they are and how i get rid of them?

Thanks a lot xRidges on my nails..?
You Can Buff The Ridges Off,

Just Get A Buffer From Superdrug Or Boots,

Or Walmart If Your In The USARidges on my nails..?
If you've worn artificial or acrylic nails for long periods of time, then that could be one of the causes. It could also be vitamin deficiency. To treat them, get a nail block (4-sided buffer), cuticle oil, and a nail strengthener. Sally Hansen products are inexpensive, nice quality, and can be found at any drugstore. To prevent this in the future, you should take multi-vitamins daily. Also, if it's okay with you, don't wear fake nails any more. The nail strengthener should make your real nails healthy enough to grow long and strong.
You need a special nail file

they usually have about 4 different surfaces on them- ones for filing like normal, one gets rid of ridges and the other two buff the nails, and they're really cheap too, if you go to any nail sections in shops I'm sure they'll have them, you only need to use the ridge smoothing section once a month though
Weak, brittle or ridged nails are usually caused by a poor diet. you need to reassess your diet or speak to a doctor to check your not anemic or lacking in something. MAke sure you eat healthly, and drink plenty. Keep them short until you see an improvement, and buy a good nail conditioner to keep them strong.
i have those too. they are so annoying. but i don't think there is a way to get rid of them. just wear clear nail polish because when i do the ridges seem to be less feel able because the nail polish fills them.
I also have them.... Besides multivitamins and no more acrylic nails :-( , I now buff and moisturize them before applying clear polish.
rub oil into the cuticle to soft the nail. you can get all sort s of creams but the best old fashioned way is oil- even cookign oil.
I have these. I've been told that it's because I don't eat enough iron or something.
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