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Do you ever get lines (or ridges) on your finger nails?

....and why? What makes that happen?Do you ever get lines (or ridges) on your finger nails?
Ok...some background I own a nail salon...there are many reasons people have ridges on there nails.

Most have already been addressed...lack of calicum, not protein, I don't eat any meat and I don't have ridges. Also there could be nail damage to the nail bed (area below the actual nail) or damage to the area of your finger near the cuticle. Also studies have show, lack of hydration in the body will effect it also.

How do u fix it you ask.

well besides the know, drink more fluid and more calcium, use a good cuticle oil and rub on the whole nail and cuticle area. use a buffer over the tops (yellow square) also a very fine grade nail file. Just to buff them up and shine them. With the correct tools you can achive the look of clear polish without polish. Check your local Sally's Beauty Supply and ask them for a 3 piece set. Wal-Mart also sells then...3 diff color nail files. This will safely soften the nail and smooth the ridges.

Also, they do make ';ridge filler'; if the problem is serious, you needs to apply a gel with the filler as well, it's similar to a natural nail overlay.

Make sure you use a good quality hand lotion. Creative Nail Designs makes a great cinn. smelling one. And my personal fave is OPI gingerbread! Also a strong vaseline or luberderm type works well. The one's with perfume (vicki's) aren't the best they typically dry out nails and hand... The Body Shop makes a great one too...MANGO in the big round tub.

Hope all this helps. Email me if u have a ?Do you ever get lines (or ridges) on your finger nails?
yeah I have them. I never used to. My mum has them only deeper and so does her mum. Mum's been to the doctor and he told her to just take calcium hasn't made any differance though
loss of protein in your nails, it can also happen after you get acrylic nails
no, white lines? probably its normal, what color are them? talk to your doctor
Yes and I also would like to know what the cause is
Yes. I don't know.
no idea, maybe not healthy .
Improper eating, malnutrition and poor keeping are common causes of ridged nails.
It is just the way that your nails grow. A buffing pad will smooth them out. There are a lot of three step emery boards that will shine them too!
like white lines. This just happens because you don't have enough calcium in your diet. Try taking vitamins. If you mean the nail splits, then this happens because the nail is weak (also b/c of not enough calcium).
no never have just use a file and smooth it down
nail ridges used to be indicative of a vitamin B deficiency.

Ridged nails

This condition is characterised by the splitting or layering of the nail plate as it grows off the nail bed. Common causes include:

Having constantly wet hands, especially while using soap and washing detergents.

Frequently using and removing nail polish.

Continuous mild trauma such as habitual finger-tapping or using the nails as tools (to pick between the teeth, for example).

Lifted nail plate

The healthy nail plate adheres to the underlying nail bed and appears pink. The nail looks white as it grows off the nail bed. If the nail plate lifts off the nail bed, it will appear white. Common causes include:

';RIDGES can appear either vertically or horizontally. Vertical ridges indicate poor general health, poor nutrient absorption, and/or iron deficiency; they may also indicate a kidney disorder. Horizontal ridges can occur as a result of severe stress, either psychological or physical, such as from infection and/or disease. Ridges running up and down the nails also indicate a tendency to develop arthritis.';
I think that you have enough advice here but I just want to add in regards to another persons comment that white lines are not caused due to lack of calcium. Big Myth!

They are simply caused from trauma to the nail bed, in simpler terms, the white marks are bruises on your nails.

I would try using a nail block buff with some cuticle oil and gently buff down the ridges, only do this once a week maximum

Apply a coat of polish afterwards to protect your nails.
ur body is missing something!
This should help answer your questions. Scroll down towards the bottom.鈥?/a>
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