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What does it mean when you have ridges across your nails?

indents across fingernailsWhat does it mean when you have ridges across your nails?
Vertical nail ridges, which run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, are fairly common and not a reason to worry. They don't indicate serious illness. These ridges typically increase with age. The exact cause isn't known. But heredity may play a role.

If your fingernails change colour or develop horizontal ridges, see your doctor. This may indicate an underlying health problem.';

Nail ridges are fairly common in older people (I hope you're not offended if you happen to be young!). There is actually a medical term, ';onychorrhexis,'; for this condition. Splitting occurs because of dryness, which causes the nails to get hard and brittle, leading to splitting near the nail tips. This can occur spontaneously or with minor trauma. Wrapping of nails or artificial tips may actually make the problem worse by not letting the nails ';breathe';. Does stress make them worse? Who knows! Stress probably is related to many conditions.

Dermatologists recommend using a strong moisturiser that contains lactic acid (like Eucerin cream) twice a day, especially after a shower or when the nails are wet. It may take several weeks before you see results. If the splitting persists, you should see a dermatologist to investigate the possibility of infection.

It is not a vitamin or calcium deficiency, this is just a myth!What does it mean when you have ridges across your nails?
Not usually a good sign. Go see your Doctor!!
Lack of calcium
lack of calcium and zinc. also you might be damaging your nails if you have a heavy job or your hands are wet for long periods
Your missing somthing in your diet! not calcuim!!!! Go to the dr
That's normal... I don't think it means anything really... I have them... mine aren't really indents... I think everyone has them...? You can always file the top of your nails so they are nice and smooth... I don't though...
I heard it means your lacking calcium
Without seeing them, I can't tell. Could be injury - whether you remember doing it or not. Hereditary. Fungus....
either a vitamin deficiancy or a calcium deficiancy
the base of your nail is irregular. this may be due to several causes such as psoriasis. look after your cuticles with moisturiser and it may improve the up and coming nail. Pushing your cuticles down does not improve this condition, it will make it worse.
It's a common sign of a nutritional deficiency. The structure of the nails is made up largely of a protein called keratin and a combination of minerals, including calcium, sulphur, potassium, selenium and other trace elements. Strong, healthy nails are therefore dependant on the sufficient intake of such key elements...!!!
It may be a sign of being under the weather or malnourished. We all have growth lines on our nails, that's normal. Eating jelly (gelatine) and drinking milk / eating cheese may help.
You need more calcium.

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