Sunday, January 17, 2010

My nails are full of ridges,,why is this?

Here is one possible answer see the link..

Ridges in the nail plate are a natural occurance - this is because the nail bed has vertical ridges and the underside of the nail plate has grooves. It is upon this 'rail and groove' that the nail plate rides forward; much like a train rides forward on its tracks. When the ridges become apparent, it is usually due to a dried out nail plate. The nail plate is constantly being 'bathed' by an upward tidal flow of oils and moisture from the nail bed that transmit through all the layers of the nail plate and is the reason why the nail plate has a semi-shine to the surface. This natural oil and moisture helps heep the nail cells plump, give them the ability to flex under pressure, and ride across each other under pressure. The nail plate cells lie across each other much like the scales on a fish. Fish also transmit oils and moisture from the underlying tissues to keep the scales from becoming dried out in the salt water. Our nails do not need this amount of oil, but the lack of proper oil levels in the nail plate will allow the rail and groove to be seen as vertical ridges in the nail plate.

I would suggest using a good quality nail and cuticle oil that contains (amoung other essential oils) jojoba oil and vitamin E. The tiny molecular structure of jojoba oil can penetrate the surface layer of the skin and nails, open up the cells and allow the large molecule of the other essential oils to be drawn into the nail plate and the skin after it. You can purchase Solar Oil through fine nail salons or Ulta Cosmetic outlets nationwide, or Botanical Oil in the nail department of Sally Beauty Supply.

Age also causes the ridges to be seen easier, as does having our hands in water a lot, or using household cleaning solutions without wearing protective gloves. These things will wick the oils and moisture from the nails adn leave them dried out with apparent ridgingMy nails are full of ridges,,why is this?
i get that sometimes when i've been eating badly, maybe its a vitamin deficiencyMy nails are full of ridges,,why is this?
it's natural....u can sand them down so they are smoother. there are several kits out there that can accomplish a polished look.
I just read something about this in men's health or something the other day...vertical ridges are normal.

Horizontal ridges indicate something bad...either an injury to your finger or maybe you were sick/malnourished when the nail started to grow. I might be remembering the information wrong though...
I think that there maybe something lacking in your diet......See your GP.
I know someone with the same complaint, they have a thyroid imbalance. I've no idea if that's the cause of your nails, but it's worth a thought.
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