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Vertical ridges in nails?

They are not permanent but appear during the change of season. What deficieny or imbalance could be the cause? Injury to the nail and fungal infection can be ruled out.Vertical ridges in nails?
MSM supplements also help - I used to get deep ridges in my nailbeds until I started taking it regularly.Vertical ridges in nails?
These ridges are normal if you are talking about the ones perpendicular to the edge. These help the nails bend round the finger. If you are talking about the other way, consult a doctor.
Vertical ridges on nails indicate poor general health, poor nutrient absorption, and the severe ridges may also indicate a kidney disorder. Main reason could be Iron deficiency.

Horizontal ridges on nails can indicate severe stress (both psychological or physical). Person is also more vulnerable to arthritis.

- drink steam distilled water (6-8 glasses a day)

- avoid drinking alcohol

- avoid saturated fats and fried foods they stress the liver

- eat high fiber diet (brown rice and millet are good)

- make sure to get vitamin A, C, and E

- reduced sugar, candy, etc...

- avoid caffeine, hydrogenated oils, fried foods, meat, soft drinks

- reduce dairy products in your diet

- fasting a few days a month

- for healthy nails make sure you are getting enough protein

- keep nails shorter

- do not cut your cuticles

Foods That Can Help

fortified breads and cereals (check the label)



chicken, turkey oysters, codd, oysters

baked potato skin, broccoli, spinach, dark green leafy vegetables, peas,

almonds and brazil nuts

dried fruits
I will answer later.

I am back.

Vertical ridges in nails.

I believe that if it happens there is a reason for it.

The most doctors agree that it is and reflection of general health of the person and also reflects certain habits of a person.

We can guess all we want but there is no known study yet to my knowledge.

From my experience this is common, for many with the change of season. It happens to me, and they get slightly more brittle, in my case. I had some Minor injury and it also splits a little along the ridges, I just watch it and keep it trimmed.

Cold cream at night helps some(oily kind), during day time I get by with vanishing kind.

Binder in nail is gelatin, main ingredient is I believe is calcium, I do not believe it is caused by deficiency. I believe just as hair are conical in shape , the nails are wedge shape but very slightly. As one gets older it appears more brittle.

Some call them stress nails.

Fungal Infection.

You will know the signs.

Some colouration and they will have softness to it, and you will notice fungus in most instances ';lamas'; is used widely to combat nail infection come in Tablets and Ointment forms.

If and when you are not sure see a doctor. To get reed of the worries.
try biotin, a natural vitamin, it helps your hair, skin, and nails

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