Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ridges in nails. protein/iron diet help!?

i have a high metabolism, im 5'3 and weigh 97lbs.

i have ridges in my nails and i found that it means i have a protein/iron defficiancy. if u know more about this please explain.

but i need to know

鈥?so wut foods do i eat

鈥?how much of them

鈥?how often

鈥?for how long

to make this up and then eventually keep it up?

and how long will it be till my nails get better?

i really need help because i feel really self consious about them. i never paint my nails so i wont draw attention and i allways try to hide my hands from people. pleeez help!Ridges in nails. protein/iron diet help!?
Protein comes in many can drink an extra cup of Soy Milk, eat an egg, low fat milk, red meat (in moderation), etc.

For iron...liver is REALLY good for iron deficiency, as well as dark greens, beans, legumes, etc. Cooking in a cast iron pot or skillet is a nice way to sneak in some extra iron, too.

However, if you have this, you really do need to see if it's just your normal metabolism or if there's something underlying you need to address.Ridges in nails. protein/iron diet help!?
try some mustard oil
try drinking ensure high protein drinks

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