Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it worth going to the doctor's just to ask about ridges on my nails?

Or should i wait unti I have other things to ask about and save them all for the appoinment so that I don't appear to be wasting the doctor's time?Is it worth going to the doctor's just to ask about ridges on my nails?
Don't you think doctors should treat people that are genuinely ill and not have their time wasted by silly little things like that,or perhaps your really sick worrying about stupid things and need to see a doctor!Is it worth going to the doctor's just to ask about ridges on my nails?
Not sure who voted for this as best answer, but anyone with some sense will know from all the answers that this is actually one the worst answers.

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Hi. If you are worried about the ridges in your nails, and worried about wasting doctors time, you could first ask a local pharmacist or call NHS direct. If you are still concerned make an appointment to see the doc, even if it's just for reassurance that nothing is wrong which will take 1 minute, or sort out an underlying problem which may be the cause of the ridges.It is usually nicer to let them deal with one problem at a time especially as they usually have 10 minute slots allocated for each appointment. Consider the possibility that if you do save up problems and you need medication for more than one thing you might not like to take too many drugs at one time or it may be unsafe to do so! If you really would prefer to save things up then you may be able to ask the receptionist to book you a double appointment.
Ridges on nails often indicate there is some form of nutrictional deficiency. It is not 'natural'. It could be iron deficiency or it might be an early indication of a kidney problem. I ignored symptoms like that for months because I didn't want to bother my doctor and those symptoms eventually became something very serious that I could have died from. Three months off sick has made me sure that I will go to the doctors and ask his opinion if there is any form of change in my body that I am unsure about. However, my first port of call is usually the pharmacist who now has authority to give a limited amount of prescription drugs to patients if they obtain a form from their doctor.

Good luck and don't worry - you probably have a bad diet. Watch Gillian McKeith!!!!! Increase your natural ingredients!!!!!
Ridges on your nails are often caused by a fungal infection - before you go to the doctor, try getting an anti-fungal cream from the chemist and rubbing it into your nailbed for a few days.
If your worried why not phone and ask for the doctor to call you back when they are free? Ridges are nothing to worry about - that comes with age!
Yes it is worth it, changes to your nails can be an indication of things going wrong in your body, so I would definitely ask the doc for a check up.
Ridges on nails are perfectly normal, sometimes the result of stress, so stop worrying about them and start enjoying life.
no, the ridges are natural. some people have them and some people dont
I would go to doctor. This is a sign of poor oxygen circulation. If you are diabetic this can be very important to know, as other problems can result. Go to the doctor, and find out for sure. You have one life, take care of you, that's what doctors are for.
Ridges on the nails mean you are deficient in something, its not deadly important most people have these - just ask your doctor on your next appt
No don't go to the doctor about ridges on your nails.

But I think you knew that, didn't you?
Its wrong if we ever feel that we cud be wasting a doctor's time. If ur worried about something, MAKE the time for an appointment.
Ridging can be a symptom of liver disease. If you have any other symptoms like fatigue, nausea, ask yr. doctor if you can have a liver function test. Try and get them to suggest it if you can, GP's can be touchy if they think you might have been THINKING and not just trusting their godlike powers.
listen to jean m she knows what she is talking about.ridges can mean heart/kidney and liver probs.go for a medical it could save your life
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