Sunday, January 17, 2010

My finger nails have ridges in them?

i hear it is from a light state of malnutrition.

any way i can help this?

i take 30 vitammins every day, so i cant be lacking.My finger nails have ridges in them?
You are probably a drug userMy finger nails have ridges in them?
Everyone has some sort of ridge in their nails. You can get them buffed out or you can do it yourself.

It doesn't sound like you are dealing with malnutrition - however, vitamins are only supplements. Be sure to eat properly too. :-)
Some people just have have ridges, esp. if you nails are thicker than average (like mine are). You can file and buff them smooth or just leave it be.
That many vitamins a day can harm you. see a doctor.
Maybe you need a good manicure. ';Sand'; them, buff them, and polish them.
file with a nail file DO NOT cut the nails.

place a small piece of garlic into a clear nail polish and apply once a week by the time you notice your nails will be beautiful. The whole garlic thing is a lil stinky but worth it! Believe me My nails are natural and many people always ask to touch them because they look fake
Be sure you are taking 30 mg zinc daily. Nail problems are often due to zinc deficiency.
I have them too but I dont worry about it.
i have them to its not to bad cuz its not going to kill you but i also heard its cuz of to much led so just eat good and if it doesnt go away it really doesnt matter
maybe it depends which way the ridges are. vertical with your fingers are usually a sign of poor nutrition. if you have horizontal ridges it's usually from and injury to your fingers
30 vitamins a day??? hypervitaminosis much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
um, 30 vitamins a day....ewww, yuck!

There are lots of things that can cause your fingernails to do this, like over use of certain drugs (and probably vitamins too I would guess) or viruses or diseases...see a doctor.
it might be from not enough iron in ur diet cause i have them too and i have some thing where my body doesnt have enough iron so i have to have nore than normal ppl so that might be it nexxt time u go to the doctor point that out.
I heard it was a sign of a thyroid problem.
I notice I get this from When i tear my nail, maybe it could be from that...
.If you are taking that many vitamins you could be poisoning your body with them, I don't know if this could be causing the problem with your nails, but its dangerous to over do vitamins, so I'd cut them down right away if I was you.
File them with a nail file.
I see like a lot of kids at my school with tan skin that have them.
I used to have that problem, but then I went to a nail salon and they put a liquid on it and the ridges dissapeared after awhile.You should go to a nail salon too.

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