Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Horizontal ridges on both thumb nails?

I have horizontal ridges on both thumbs. All the rest of my nails look fine. Does this represent an iron deficiency?Horizontal ridges on both thumb nails?
It may or it may represent a zinc deficiency. Try gently smoothing the ridges with a nail buffer sold at drug stores first.Horizontal ridges on both thumb nails?
Ridges usually mean stress that may have affected nail growth at one time, then the ridges shows up as the nails grows. But that makes more sense if more nails involved. These are called beau's lines

But, if some trauma affected your thumbs only and affected the nail growth, this would explain why only the thumbs are involved.

Good news is that this is a temporary affect that occurred on the nails. The nails will otherwise grow normal, unless of course, you have another stressful situation or trauma. Stress could include medication, trauma, or a recent illness.

PS Iron deficiency would affect all nails and would show up differently.

Try buffing them.

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