Friday, January 15, 2010

Gel nail ridge problem - damaged nail?

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I am taking a nail class in July as I want to learn how to do my own gel nails/toes, but in the meantime have been going to an Asian salon (I must admit, I go because it's cheap). The first time they did a great job, but this time I can still see a ridge on my nail and it looks like they drilled too much. Should I go back and tell them I am not happy? What exactly can they do to fix it? Thanks!Gel nail ridge problem - damaged nail?
What you have are called rings of fire. Its very common in salons like the one you go to because most of them are unskilled and do not do a good job on nails. Trust me when I say this. You only think they do a good job right now because you don't know any better. Once you have been properly trained, you will most likely be thinking to yourself, how could I ever have gone to one of those chop shops? Because only then will you be able to know there is a right way is to do nails - and a wrong way as well as what a set of nails that were done properly should look like. These salons use huge brushes and slop on the acrylic. The end result is a very flat, unnatural looking nail that is typically made from milky colored cheap acrylic. Its no wonder they always try to hide the shoddy work they do underneath a few coats of polish.

Now, what can you do to fix it? Absolutely nothing. You have no choice but to wait until it has grown out. There is no product that will fix it for you. The so called tech in one of these chop shops over filed your nails - as they typically do, and the result is what you see on your nails. If you want to avoid this from happebing in the future, then I suggest not going to a discount salon to have your nails done. Sure, it is cheap. But if you pay for cheap nails, you will get cheap nails.

I could go on all day about these salons and how they cheat the public by scamming them in so very many ways its not even funny. I honestly with the general public would stop giving their hard earned money over to these salons. They aren't worth it, believe me. But again, you won't be able to see that for yourself until you learn how to do nails the right way. Only then will you be able to see the light. Avoid discount salons at all costs...

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