Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why are my nails ridged?

Hi. Are you talking about fingernails or toenails? Well either one can have a fungal infection but it is usually seen on the toenails and a fungal infection can do different things to your nail beds. Your best answer is of course see a Dr of podiatry that specializes in feet and nails. There is also many vitamins that our body needs but too much can do as much harm as too little so before you try the vitamins you should see a Dr and he/she can give you the correct diagnosis and the medications needed to cure this. It could be oral meds as well as topical meds used to treat this. It can be a time consuming task to completely cure this but in time if you follow the directions you will have good nails again. Go see a Dr for a definite diagnosis or try over the counter meds but they may not work and you will end up at the Dr anyway so i would start there. Good luck..Why are my nails ridged?
Probably a vitamin deficiency or a fungus.
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