Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ridges on my nails..?

I have ridges on my nails, deepish, as in i can feel the bumps. They run long ways from my cuticles to the tips of my nails. Any ideas on what they are and how i get rid of them?

Thanks a lot xRidges on my nails..?
Vertical ridging usually appears in middle age and is simply a sign of ageing. The ridges extend from the tip of the nail backwards and become more numerous with time. If the appearance of the nails is a problem they can be gently smoothed with an emery board or nail file.

Ridges that go from one side of the nail to the other are known as transverse ridges or 'Beau's lines'. These appear when a temporary interruption of nail growth occurs. This interruption may be caused when the body experiences an illness, such as a heart attack or pneumonia, or any other shock to the system. Trauma to the nail can also be responsible. The ridges generally grow out in time. How quickly this happens depends on the speed at which the nails usually growRidges on my nails..?
This is a sign of severe lack of a particular vitimin in your system...

(I am only guessing ZINC or FOLIC ACID?? I was told years ago by a naturapath, but can't remember, sorry.)

If deficiency continues, nail could split, vertically (ouch) or long term deficiency still, is very hard on liver or kidneys. A good naturapath may shed light.
I have them too, not sure what causes it or how you can get rid of them! I just dont take any notice of it.
It is just how your nail is shaped. it's genetic so i don't think you can.
i've got them too, it's either lacking something or too much of something, maybe in our diet.

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