Friday, January 15, 2010

I have ridges on my finger nails any idea what might cause this?

well first of all its not a birth defect, not every one has it, and its not caused by just one specific can be caused by having artificial nails of any kind and not having them removed properly. but that actually causes your nails to feel wavy (from the bed to the tip) not have ridges (form side to side) using a buffer is a great idea and should really help but that will just get rid of them, they will probably come back. the real cause for long term ridging of the nails is that the outer enamel is worn away allowing your nails to bow up sorta.....and this is caused by a calcium deficiency (like someone said malnutrition, not having enough calcium in your diet) go to the drug store and try to find a calcium supplement ( its not as complicated as it sounds, just go to Walgreen's, rite aid, cvs, even walmart....these pills are not expensive and dont really have any side affects because it isnt a drug its a vitamin-type supplement, it will smooth out your nails, and help them be stronger so they grow out easier, and dont chip and break ) {this will also help with your hair and teeth btw} also, ridges and lack of shine go hand in hand as symptoms of calcium deficiency, so try a hair and nails supplement to keep them shiny! g/lI have ridges on my finger nails any idea what might cause this?
Many people have them... Buy one of those rectangular buffers from boots...I have ridges on my finger nails any idea what might cause this?
I used to have that, then I stopped using colored nail polish and just used clear, which I don't pick off. I always used to pick off my old nail polish. Once, I went to a nail salon and they said that is why I have those ridges. So you could try just clear..

Or do what the others said, like buffing or vitamins, as it can be a sign of unhealthy nails.
Everyone has that, use a buffer.
i dont know but mine do thesame thing...try buffing them out with a 1-2 step file

';ridges - horizontal: follows illness or injury, infection, malnutrition, thyroid disorder

ridges - longitudinal: aging, slow absorption of minerals %26amp; vitamins, thyroid, kidney ';
Well if you had fake nails and took them off then that's why, but if you haven't, then it could just be your nails are unhealthy and you need to take vitamins that are geared towards healthy nails.
If u have always had this then don't worry about it ... if its recent cud be a vitamin deficiency ...
maybe if u have been doing any outdoorsey work latley or housework that might be why. if so get ur self a manucure and buy some products that can stop this in the future.
hey, nails like our hair and skin show a persons state of health, nails become like this as we get older due to our nails thicken and becoming brittle

if a persons not that old it can be due to a poor inner body state, maybe you need to look at your diet and fluid intake, its also cause d by trauma to the nail bed this will cause ridges in the nails also, you can try smoothing out the nails with a buffer, nails become this way also due to some types of medication, so look at the possible causes and see what you thinks yours is, been a beauty therapist for many years so trust me on this, good luck
umm calcium defficiancy...
Tell me do you exercise?

Are you overweight?

Do you suffer from greasy hair?
i have those, my doctor said its part vitamin deficiency, and part abuse from my job, which is labor intensive and i crack my fingernails a lot and just generally makes them look like crap. you should start taking vitamins (just a daily multivitamin) and if you have a job like mine try to wear thick canvas gloves if possible. i don't do either of these because im lazy, but im sure they'd help :| alternatively, you could try a brush-on nail treatment. i don't have any reccomendations for those because i've never found one that works. good luck.
Birth defect.
my friend had the same and her beautician told her it was down to stress!
I've had problems with my finger nails for years. Always splitting and flaking and wont grow. Friend who's a nail technician suggested I use OPI product called Nail Envy - a clear nail polish which you apply every other day, take it all off after a week, and keep repeating. Expected immediate results and was disappointed - but after several months things improved. My nails are long and strong now and I recommend it to many friends who have been delighted with it. QVC sell itl

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