Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why is there ridges on my finger nails?

Vertical Ridges are also characteristic of aging, although are not limited to the aged or elderly. The nail plate grows forward on the nail bed in a 'rail and groove' effect, much like a train rides on its' tracks. As we age, the natural oil and moisture levels decline in the nail plate, and this rail and groove effect becomes apparent. Ridged nails will improve through re-hydration of the nail plate with twice daily applications of a good quality nail and cuticle oil containing Jojoba and Vitamin E.Why is there ridges on my finger nails?
It can depend on the type of ridges, but if you are a healthy person, and the ridges aren't too strange looking to the point that they're noticeable by others, then you're fine. Your nails are supposed to have ridges naturally.Why is there ridges on my finger nails?
Most times ridges on your nails are from either emotional trauma or a really bad sickness. I had ridges on my nails a few years ago from a sickness and they had to be buffed to get them off.
who does your nails they should be fired im a professional nial styler when s/he did ur nails s/he filed them wrong.

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