Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do I get rid of ripples and ridges in my toe nails?

There is always a cause for this to happen so the question becomes what is the source of the problem as treating the source will allow the nails to grow out normally. At this time nutritional causes are rare and fungal infections have become increasingly common. The latter is most effectively treated with fluconazole but as this is not an FDA approved indication many physicians are not comfortable prescribing it although I will use nothing else. Success with fluconazole is near 100% while other anti fungals are only about 50% effective.How do I get rid of ripples and ridges in my toe nails?
what type of question is that. this aint no doctors office!!!!!How do I get rid of ripples and ridges in my toe nails?
calcium/vitamin D, a pedicure and time
increase your calcium intake. it means you are calcium deficient.
I use a nail buffer set (available in the nail care products section of any department store) to take the ridges out of my fingernails. I assume you could do the same on your toe nails.
Go get a professional pedicure and they will buff them out for you. If that's not an option then buy some ridge filler nailpolish. It is clear and it works ok. You have to apply several coats though. The pedicure works best though.
you can't get rid of your nipples.
A good pedicure will smooth them out
You can buy a nifty tool at your neighborhood beauty salon called a ';buffing file';. It's like a nail file, but instead of metal or sandpaper it is coated with a special substance that smoothes and occasionally shines yeh nails.
You should use a buffer, and file your toe nails down until they are all even. And you shouldn't have any ridges left.

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