Sunday, January 17, 2010

Horizontal ridges on my thumb nails...?

I have ridges (horizontal/side to side) on my thumb nails so they're always bumpy. They've grown like that ever since college. I don't remember them being like that before then.

Why do some people have them and some people don't?

How do I get rid of them?Horizontal ridges on my thumb nails...?
I saw your question and realized I have the SAME thing on all my fingernails, so I decided to google it. I thought it was nothing but look what I found.

Nail textures: Vertical ridges that appear on the nail can indicate disorders as simple as iron deficiency, poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients, overall poor health or they could indicate something as serious as kidney trouble. (So, you see why consulting your physician is so important.) These vertical ridges, as well as bumpy nails, can also suggest that one is prone to developing arthritis. Ridges running horizontally across the nail can indicate physical or mental stress.

Uhoh. =(Horizontal ridges on my thumb nails...?
get your thyroid checked. I have them too, I went to my Dr. and I asked them what the ridges were from, he said that I could be hypothyroid, he drew a thyroid panel and I was hypothyroid. It is one of the symptoms.

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