Sunday, January 17, 2010

My nails are growing out with ridges on them. Whats wrong??

I have had fake nails twice. The first time I removed them myself but they didnt have the ridges. Then I got the fake nails again and after one month I had them professionally removed. After that my nails were all ridgy and they are growing out that way. Any ideas on whats wrong?My nails are growing out with ridges on them. Whats wrong??
It could be damage from the nail glue; if this is the case, it will go away eventually. It also could be an iron deficiency, especially if your nails are also very pale (sometimes doctors look at this when checking for anemia). However, many people do have some texture on their nails; for example, I've never worn fake nails in my life and my nails have always had a faint texture resembling wood grain- my nails have always been really long as well, and people say this is how you can tell they're real and not acrylic, so it must be fairly common for people to recognize it that much.My nails are growing out with ridges on them. Whats wrong??
It happened to me after wearing acrylic nails for 10 years. Eventually they got better, but, the ridges are still there, just not as pronounced. Needless to say, I have not worn acrylic nails for 5 years and feel much better. I do however get a regular mani and pedi every two weeks consistently. Think about letting go of the acrylic for the health of your nails.
It happens all the time after fake nails. You should just give them time to grow out completely. You should probably start taking a multi vitamin because a deficiency of vitamins can cause nails to be ridgy. Another thing you can do is sea salt baths. Just get some sea salt from any store and put a good chunk of it into a small amount of warm water. And then hold your nails in there for 15 min, every day.
Iron Deficiency
It is an iron deficiency. I suggest taking an iron supplement.

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