Friday, January 15, 2010

My nails have severe ridges in them? Why?

THe ridges go the length way and this just now started...why?My nails have severe ridges in them? Why?
Ridges can appear either vertically or horizontally. Horizontal ridges called Beau's lines, can result from severe stress. Some of these ridges are genetic -- they're inherited -- and get worse as you age. Vertical lines can indicate poor nutrition, or iron deficiency.

Sometimes your nail looks like it's going to literally lift off from the nail bed. It's scary and could be a sign of psoriasis, a skin disorder. Or it might be because your hands are spending too much time in water, detergents or soaps. If this is caused from having your hands in water too much, you might want to consider wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes or doing house work.My nails have severe ridges in them? Why?
A few possible reasons;

Not enough oil in your diet, having acrylic nails on too long can weaken the nail bed or it could be genetics and with aging can come changes in nail growth. I hope this helps. Try adding oil to your diet, and rub olive oil into cuticles at night.
Something has changed in your diet or stress level. Women's multivitamins will help. I take half a prenatal pill a day (I'm not pregnant). It helps the hair and nails dramatically. Eat right and relax more. Bathe regularly and keep your hands moisturized.
Cali,this could be caused by a vitamin deficiency in your diet.Not sure which vitamins but I know I've read this in newspapers and magazines.
Have you had your thyroid checked??

Could be that or stress.

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