Friday, January 15, 2010

What causes ridges in our nails?

Nail ridges are fairly common in older people (I hope you're not offended if you happen to be young!). There is actually a medical term, ';onychorrhexis,'; for this condition. Splitting occurs because of dryness, which causes the nails to get hard and brittle, leading to splitting near the nail tips. This can occur spontaneously or with minor trauma. Wrapping of nails or artificial tips may actually make the problem worse by not letting the nails ';breathe';. Does stress make them worse? Who knows! Stress probably is related to many conditions.

Dermatologists recommend using a strong moisturizer that contains lactic acid (like Eucerin cream) twice a day, especially after a shower or when the nails are wet. It may take several weeks before you see results. If the splitting persists, you should see a dermatologist to investigate the possibility of infection.What causes ridges in our nails?
I have one nail with ridges in it. I know that the cause of this problem is that I often wear artificial nail tips and this one particular nail, I tore the nail tip off...pulling away at the natural nail along with being a nail biter. I have noticed that the less I wear tips and avoid biting (along with regular grooming) the better the nail looks.What causes ridges in our nails?
Heredity, if they run vertically. If they are horizontal, could be a health problem.
I've heard damage to your cuticle can cause ridges. I've smashed quite a few nails in my time and they never seem to grow back without some type of ridges. (I'm healthy and don't do drugs)

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