Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ive got ridges in my nails and wondering what caused it?

im worriedIve got ridges in my nails and wondering what caused it?
its not normal. may be due to acrylic nails? the way you file your nails, you can buy ridge filler or go to a local beauty salon and see what they can do to help you in their manicure treatmentIve got ridges in my nails and wondering what caused it?
trim them off and let it grow back
lol its normal

1st off miss j if you say your a beauty therapist you dont know nothing coz ridges are perfectly normal some people have them worse than ever and if you had read as well as earththang he is a MAN and he wont of had acrylic nails duh!!

Dont worry i have ridges they are formend in the nail bed you know the part under the cuticle there are some factors that make them worse ie medication or if you bang the nail bed it can damage the growth of the nail making it a permant thing if your nail are ridged all the way across evenly then it wont be that.

If you go to a salon and ask for them to be buffed out with a 3 way buffer that will temp get rid of them or make them less obvious till the nail grows some more.

Once you get used to it you can buy your own and do it your self on a regular basis.

i love men with properly well looked after nail all shiny they look really clean.

If they are small ridges - its nothing to worry about. It could be a number of things such as if you wear false/acrylic nails this can damage the layers. It can also be a sign of stress/tiredness - so maybe that is something you are suffering from.
Well, i get those too (close to the cuticles, right?) and I end up filing them off, just to make my nails even. I then use this amazing thing I bought at the mall awhile ago, it has two sides for filing, one for cleansing and another for polishing your nails. I can't think of the name, but it works like magic.

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