Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My thumb nails, have ridges as they grow. How do I get my nails looking healthy and normal?

I've tried filing them down, but it only helps so much. What causes the nails to grow ridges? How can I get my nails looking healthy and normal?My thumb nails, have ridges as they grow. How do I get my nails looking healthy and normal?
usually some kind of trauma causes ridges, such as: injury (slammed finger in door, broke hand, wrist, or finger), internal disorder, illness, surgeries, and even pregnancy. other factors could include age, heredity, harsh filing from artificial nails. the damage may or may not be permanent. regular manicures will help, and they can use a buffer with a product called ridge filler, which makes nails appear healthier. beauty schools are a great option for manicures as they are inexpensive and the students do well with manicuring. in my state average price at a school for a manicure is $5-$10My thumb nails, have ridges as they grow. How do I get my nails looking healthy and normal?
sum ppl have nails like that...they jus inherit them..try goin 2 ur doctor...
you can get hair, nails and skin vitamins (all in one). Try your local health food store, or Sally's Beauty Supply.
You mean as in ';ruffles have ridges';? like the potatoe chips? Well, that's generally a sign of long term advanced lead poisoning, but I doubt you have that. Maybe you have a fungal infection. You should probably have a doctor check it out.
Go to sleep. They are normal.
go get a manicure if you want them to look pretty
unfortunately the ridges are probably permanent. Did you used to bite or pick them? The ridges are caused by damage to the cuticle. If your nails are not too thin then you could very carefully buff them - be careful not to overdo this! Ridge fillers are also available - try an OPI, Creative or Sally Hansen brand.
Well if you bite your nails STOP! and go get a manicure so they can file it evenly

Thank you
are you a nail bitter if not you can get a buffer and a filer its at walmart at the nail section for like 4 dollars
You can buy a kind of file that gets rid of the ridges and polishes your nails. it works grea!
Is your nail yellowish...?.it sounds to me like you might have nail fongus,i might be wrong,i suggest talking to the doctor.good luck.!!
I tend to get ridges also, except not on my thumbs. What really helps me is applying a moderate amount of nail hardener ($3-6) immediately after filing them as even as you can get them. I apply it directly after and it gives me protection for about 10 days, then of course I repeat the process. My nails are very beautiful and healthy looking. Dont forget to get a good source of calcium with the regimin.
My sister has problems with this too and she's tried a million things to fix it. I guess some of it is genetic, so you may never be able to get a 100% fix, but apparently there are things that can help/minimize the problem.

The ridges might be exaggerated by a vitamin/mineral deficiency so be sure to take a daily multi-vitamin, and if you smoke you should try to quit (well, for other health reasons too, but smoking is hard on the hands and causes your body to focus it's regenerative energies else where).

Also, be nice to your hands!! Find a good lotion and use it regularly. The Body Shop's Protective Hand Treatment with Kinatin is awesome (it doesn't wash off!), and they also have a hand and nail treatment with almond oil. Check it out:鈥?/a>

A manicure here and there definitely won't hurt, but it can get expensive...when you go, you can ask the manicurist for tips on how to get rid of ridges though. Never hurts to consult a professional. :) Another thing that might help is Vitamin E oil applied directly on the nail and cuticle.

Good luck!
I say go to a salon or a doctor and ask whats wrong But don't go to the doctor call them its easier and only go in if they ask you to because my mom has the same problem and if you figure out whats wrong and find out how to fix it you should be fine... Hope this helps!
ridges as in dents? if they are dents, it's a medical condition and go get it checked out by a doctor. i have a friend who usd to have that, and it's definitely curable.

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