Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What can I do to have nails without ridges in them?

I wore red nail polish for years and my nails were yellow from the stain of the polish. I decided to suffer it out, cut my nails very short and stop wearing polish and see if the yellow would go away. THe yellow did but all my nails have vertical ridges. What can I do to get rid of these ridges?What can I do to have nails without ridges in them?
if they are white they might just be calcium depositesWhat can I do to have nails without ridges in them?
There is actually a medical term, ';onychorrhexis,'; for this condition. I don't recommend buffing because that can thin your nails out and cause breakage or slitting.

I recommend either Solar Oil (available in fine nail salons or in Ultra Cosmetic outlets nationwide) or Botanical Oil (available in the nail department of Sally Beauty Supply nationwide). Both oils contain Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil and other essential conditioning/moisturizing oils. Jojoba oil has the tiniest molecular structure which can penetrate the surface of the skin and the nail surface, open up the pores/cells and then draw the large molecules of the other essential oils in after it. Without the addition of Jojoba Oil, the other oils would just sit on the surface and not penetrate as deeply as needed to condition the nail plate cells and replenish the oil levels deep within the nail plate layers.

Apply to nail and cuticle at least 3 times a day, and ALWAYS at night.

Once the nail oil penetrates all 3 layers of the nail plate, your nails should begin to look better and the lines should begin to reduce in size and depth. You will have to continue to use the nail oil for as long as you want your nails to look healthy and smooth.

Hope I've helped!
Easy. Just go to CVS or another local drugstore and look for a four sided nail filer or sometimes its shaped like a cube. Each side is color coded with a different texture. Usually the four sides are labled (1) File (2) Smooth (3) Buff (4) Shine. To remove ridges you would use the (2) side. Then you simply rub it back and forth across each nail in a quick and even pace. Afterwards you should wash your hands because there will be white particles that come off of the surface of your nails. And thats it! Your nails will be beautiful, smooth, and very shiny!
Well, i suffered the same problem so i got a buff block. It is used over your nails to smooth out the lines, its amazing! Oh and then i got a sally hansen nail supplement that is made to remove yellow stains by some green products inside. you can find these simply at walmart or a drugstore. Good luck, hope i helped!
apply baby oil and massage your nails nightly. also make sure you have enough calcium in your food supplement.
Get a manicure and have them smooth out the ridges. We all have ridges to one degree or another.
Buff them. It works wonders.
are you by chance a man?

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