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What causes ridges in nails(vertical) and hair loss?

I recently started loosing my hair and I've had vertical ridges in my nails for about 6 mos. What could possibly be causing this?What causes ridges in nails(vertical) and hair loss?
Ridges or (corruguations) in nails occur when nail growth is uneven, usually because of illness or injury. Gentle buffing can minimize ridges. Try a Ridge Filler to help level the nail surface, making shallow ridges and other imperfections practically disappear while conditioning with Calcium and Pro-Vitamin B5.

As for hair loss everyone loses between 40 %26amp; 120 strands a day, depending on how much hair you have, your age %26amp; your hair's growth cycle. People with fine hair tend to have more of it %26amp; therefore will lose more of it than their thicker-haired sisters %26amp; brothers. Your hair also thins as you get older, particularly after menopause for women, but the thinning will stop %26amp; not continue as it will for men.

Here are some factors to take into consideration for common hairloss:

1. Seasonality. You'll lose the most hair in the fall -- typically November and December when hair reaches maturity in its growth cycle.

2. Diet. Hair loss can occur through poor dieting, tight ponytails, even with age.

3. Pregnancy Some women experience hair loss with pregnancy or as part of post-pregnancy hormonal changes. Other women experience hair loss when going on or off (usually off) the birth control pill.

4. Illness Sometimes it happens as a result of illness. Even stress, excessive weight loss, iron deficiency %26amp; thyroid problems can cause hair loss.

If you're really worried, ask your doctor.

Hope this helps! ~BonWhat causes ridges in nails(vertical) and hair loss?
Most common cause can be fungal infection, another cause may be nutritional problem, if it is fungal than you are suppose to take oral anti fungal agents for min. 18 months.
mal nutrition. Not necessarily that you are not eating but you are not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals.
These are usually warnings about something being wrong. I

would go to the doctor and have a checkup. About the nails this could be some type of fungus. Also it could be signs of bad eating or should I say poor eating habits.
Well the lines in your fingernails are normally considered to be a sign of heart problems. The hair loss is more than likely a sign that you are not taking in enough vitamins. You need to see your doctor and you need to make sure your diet contains enough vitamins and minerals. If it is in fact vitamin rich then you should see a doctor and find out why you are not absorbing them.
Possibly you are not getting a healthy diet and also you may lack some important vitamins and minerals. Try a multivitamin complex like Centrum Complete. You should also see a doctor to have a complete blood panel test, hormones levels and inmunological diseases panel.
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