Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What do horizontal ridges on my toe nails mean?

I have developed horizontal ridges across my big toenails recently. They look worse when I put nail varnish on them and it's impossible to remove from the bottom of the ridges. Am I deficient in some minerals?What do horizontal ridges on my toe nails mean?
To have horizontal ridges on your toenails signify that you have a Zinc defieciency, thats all, you need to eat more dark green veg, or take some Zinc suppliments, but for safety purposes you must check with your doctor that it's alright to do so.What do horizontal ridges on my toe nails mean?
yuk nail fungus get some help quick
after doing a bit of a search as i suffer from the same problem i found the following information

horizontal ridges on nails can indicate severe stress both psychological or physical

it didnt actually tell us what to do but think a trip to the doctors maybe in order

hope that helps and the problem clears up quickly
it means that someday you are going to die the only difference is that you will be laying vertically.
Your shoes are to tight across the top.
Wel i think you are suffering from a rare disease called oops i forgot its name. by the way the disease dosent have any cure and it slowly eats up ppl from the toe. You will be d**d in 96 hours.

My condolences in advance....(sobbing)

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