Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What do these ridges on my nails signify?

I have ridges across my finger nails. Quite noticeable on my thumb nails but you can feel and slightly see them on my finger nails. I am 62 and have had them for years but never found out about them.What do these ridges on my nails signify?
Fine grooves running across all your fingernails may reveal that you suffered a seious illness a few months earlier. Illness often slows nail growth and produces ridges in the nail root that are pushed outwards as the nail grows. The ridges grow out with time.

Deformed spoon shaped nails are an indication of irondeficiency anaemia.

White flecks are caused by a minor injury such as a knock to the growing part of the nail.

Pale nails are a sign of anaemia if the nails are whitish but this can also signify a kidney or liver condition. Once treatment has been completed for the condition the nails go back to normal.

Blue nails can be a sign of heart or lung disorders. This is called cyanosis and it happens when blood is not properly oxygenated in the lungs.

Doctors look at a patients nails because it can tell them a lot about what is going on with that patient.....very clever.

All the above information is from a Health Book written for Reader's Digest. xxWhat do these ridges on my nails signify?
Thank you for the BA mucho appreciated! xx

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Read this and you'll be wiser -鈥?/a>
nothing its hereditary...i have them to anf i just take a filer to bring them down to smooth them...ur fine...=))))
Could just be age you know, buckling of proteins etc, not sure though, doesn't sound too serious.
They are like rings on a tree dear, each ridge signifing twenty years of good living%26lt; how old did you say you were?
I too have had them my whole life. It is not a fungi or anything that is seriously dangerous. I have been told that it is caused from not enough calcium or vitamin E.
They are basically a barometer of your health at the time - or alternatively each one represents when you have bumped or knocked that nail. Boots actually do a buffer which removes them so they don't show under nail polish.
could be fungal...get your Dr to check
Ridges are more common as you age. It could simply be that. As you age, your fingernails become thicker and have more ridges. It could also be a sign of a vitamin deficiency. Be sure to take a daily vitamin and see if that helps.
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