Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's a good product to fill in nail ridges?

I have vertical ridges in my nail. I can buff them but it takes over an hour and who has that kind of patients?

With enough coats of nail polish my nail is smooth. But I'm too ruff on my nails to maintain colored polish. And my problem with clear polish is the weird shininess. It just looks awkward to me.

I'm looking for a type of polish or formula or whatever that will fill in the ridges BUT STILL LOOK LIKE NATURAL NAILS, without too much shininess.

(and please don't tell my anything about how ridges are a sign of disease. I've done my research and vertical ridges are harmless.)What's a good product to fill in nail ridges?
There is a 3 step thing you can get and the buffing of your nails is last.

It takes like 5 minutes per hand.

I use it all the time. You can get the filer and walmart or somewhere like that.

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