Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why do I have deep ridges on my nails?

I've just turned 40 and regularly take suppliments of zinc, calcium, vitamin D and evening primrose oil.Why do I have deep ridges on my nails?
Hi. This can happen when you've had fluctuations in your vitamins and minerals. If you have had periods of illness or take in minimum moisture (we all need 8 glasses a day), you will find that your hair and nails will reflect these changes.Why do I have deep ridges on my nails?
I have have them on my teeth too. I discussed this with my dentist once and he said I bet you have ridges on your nails as well, apparently the two together are usually found in some people but he didn't have an explanation for it.

I've always had ridges on most of my nails, but are most prominent on my thumb nails.
I had this problem (if its what i think your talking about) on my thumb nails. I went to a dermatologist and she told me it was because when i was nervous, i would take my index finger and dig into the base of my nail, where it comes out of your skin. i stopped doing that, and they went away! hope this helps
usually calcium fluctuation
i dont know get a mani-pedi duh!
cud be a sign of poisoning ... is your hubby slipping summat in your drink ?

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