Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why do my nails have ridges on?

I have like total ridges on my nails! I've had them for like totally ever what like are they? and how do I like get like totally rid of them?Why do my nails have ridges on?
calcium dieficiency? lots of people have them, try eating more dairy foodsWhy do my nails have ridges on?
Wow you type/say Like alot, lol j/k

Well the ridges are caused from a number of things, diet, vitamin def, dryness, or just neglect. Do the ridges go down the nail or across. If down then you simply need some attention and thats a manicure, and you can rid the ridges by simply LIGHTLY buffing them away with a fine fine or white buffing block. SOme ridges are caused by trama from hitting them against something or an underlying health issue. This you will have to see a dermatologist. Good luck to you. HOpe it helped.
If you are vegetarian, it could be due to a deficiency of B12. Or, like the poster above said, calcium.

It could also simply be age or genetics, in which case there isn't much you can do.

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