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Why does my big toe nail have ridges in in and seem like its made of more than one really thick layers?

If both of your big toe nails have a similar appearance, then it's probably normal for yours to look that way. If, however, only one looks that way, it's probably a nail fungus. There are three ways to approach this: (1) Seek a doctor's advice and obtain a prescription to kill the fungus, (2) buy some Canisten cream, meant for treating yeast-thrush infection, and massage it into the nail and nail bed twice daily, or (3) cut a fresh garlic clove in half, and rub your toe nail with it twice daily. Garlic is not only an antibacterial but also anti-fungal. The ancient Romans massaged garlic on their feet to treat all sorts of fungal infection, and many herbalists still swear by its effectiveness.Why does my big toe nail have ridges in in and seem like its made of more than one really thick layers?
go to the docs, he will tell you what the problem isWhy does my big toe nail have ridges in in and seem like its made of more than one really thick layers?
Sounds like your experiencing a nail fungus. I would go and see a podiatrist as soon as possible. the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to get rid of. There are medications for this, unfortunately they are not often covered by insurance companies, and they are very costly. I know that there is a pill (which may affect your liver and or kidneys), and something like a clear nail polish (which is safer and is applied daily). If the infection is not too far gone you might be a great candidate for the polish. . . Good Luck!
fungus foot
hi it could be that you either have a fungal infection, in which case they may also be discoloured. it also may be possible that it is due to a vitimin deficiency. i would consult your gp.
Possibly - you may have a fungal infection, usually shown by the layers breaking away, flaking or being discoloured OR if other nails are effected could be due to medication showing effects or something that happens sometimes after an operation/anaesthetic or illness, see GP.
Maybe you've contracted a fungus - especially if the nail has started to discolor. I'd check with a podiatrist - when fungus takes hold, it's unbelievably difficult to get rid of.

Good luck.
Could just be that it's unhealthy - a vitamin or calcium deficiency. Is your diet okay? Eat more fruit, drink more milk, take vitamin tablets, get out in the sun and fresh air more, if you're lacking any of those things.

However, it does sound like a fungal infection. I have one of those myself. Check my profile and you'll see that I asked how to cure it (it's been bothering me for years!). There's no easy solution - just keep at it with a variety of methods!
without a better description its hard to say... probably have a fungal infection

ridges could also form from illness, stress, poor nutrition, or injury, however, these types of ridges usually do not make the nail thick or peely
It sounds like you have nail fungus. If your nail is yellow and thick that's most likely what it is. You can try to use tea tree oil but the best thing to do would be to go to your dermatologist. They will give you a prescription to take, and nail fungus takes a long time to go away. Good luck.
sorry not sure but mine are the same
If it is colorful as well, you could have a fungus under your nail...go see a doc to get rid of it.
u are wearing ur shoes too tight or maybe from sweat... ur feet are being moist too long...try wearing lighter socks or more open toes.. when u get home take off shoes and socks and dry them off...

This is something that happens to my fingernails all the time.. mostly from wearing artificial nails .. there is moisture trapped inbetween the nail... and its sorta like when u take a bath and ur feet and fingers get pruny? well instead its happening to ur nails which is more permanent then just ur skin which goes back to normal faster.

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  1. Hey, thank you for the info. I have one line on my right big toe, and it could have been from a past injury but I really can't remember. Only that one toe is affected, and it has had this vertical ridge on it for years--as long as I can remember--but it got worse over time. I never really thought about it. I am being treated for high bp and I used to have higher cholesterol, until I lost some weight and started exercising. But now I am thinking it is a fungus and I will try the garlic remedy first. I'll let you know, and thank you so much for the posts! I really thought it might be something much worse, although other than the high bp I am relatively healthy now...I think...thanks again.